Traditional Greek Cuisine in Prince Rupert

Come in to Rodhos Pizza – Seafood & Steak House tonight and enjoy our authentic Greek specialties, prepared fresh just for you!

Souvlaki Pork or Chicken

Vegetarian Souvlaki – Tomato, onion & cucumber tzatziki

Greek Ribs – Charbroiled with lemon & spices. Served with Greek salad and roast potatoes 

Moussaka – A casserole of eggplant, potato and a spicy meat filling topped with Bechemel sauce and served with Greek salad. 

Beef Shish kebob – Tender cubes of sirloin, green peppers and onion on a skewer, served with rice pilaf and Greek salad.

Chicken Shish kebob – Breast of chicken 

Marinated Chicken – Chicken marinated with lemon and herbs, served with baked potato, roast potato or rice pilaf. 

Charbroiled Lamb Chops – Served with rice pilaf and Greek salad 

Greek Platter for 2 – Lamb chops, Greek ribs, beef shish kebob, dolmades, spanakopita, tiropita, roast potatoes, rice and Greek salad

Prices subject to change without notice. Call for details.

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